Accounting Services in Frontenac, KS and Beyond

For an accounting firm that will focus on your individual needs and provide you with a range of services, look no further than Monica R. Kellogg, CPA, LLC. Our team values every customer relationship and works hard to make sure you receive complete satisfaction for all of your tax and financial planning needs.

Whether you are looking for assistance filing your federal tax return, or need to schedule a consultation for your business, we have the skills and experience you deserve. Our firm is large enough where we are able to provide a full-range of professional accounting services, but small enough where you receive individualized attention.

Our services include:

Tax planning is one of our most popular services, as it helps to reduce liability in current and future tax years. Our tax prep and planning services include: helping you decide whether to file jointly or separately, timing the sale of an asset, and estate planning. We will lend you an experienced, professional eye to ensure you receive the highest return possible.

We have partnered with EPS Financial, LLC, to offer you an alternative to waiting 2-3 weeks or more for your tax refund. In addition, to IRS Direct Deposit we offer three alternative methods by which to receive your tax refund:

  1. Have a refund check printed by us in our office;
  2. a Reloadable PrePaid VISA® Card;
  3. or an e-Direct deposit to your bank account.

One great feature about the program is that you can have your tax preparation and program fees withheld from your refund. No more worries if you don't have a bank account or don't want the hassle of using debit or credit cards. Also, e-COLLECT offers some of the lowest fees in the industry for bank tax products ($35 for any of these three refund options).

EPS Financial, LLC and its partner, Bancorp Bank (FDIC) are together a premier bank tax product program.

A business entity is simply a group of real estate objects, such as multiple rental properties. Creating and organizing the hierarchy within your business entity is essential in running a successful business.

Our audit team performs a variety or audits for municipalities and non-profit organizations. These audits extend to entities that expend $500,000 or more of Federal assistance and thereby require the completion of an OMB A-133 audit or a Single Audit. The objective of this is to provide the US Federal Government with assurance that the management and use of these funds by recipients such as non-profit organizations, cities, universities, and states. The audit covers both compliance and financial components.

No matter the size of your business, it is important to choose an accounting program that fits the needs of your business. There are many options out there, so our staff will guide you through the various options, and recommend a program that is suitable to your business' size and accounting needs.

There are many laws and regulations that make payroll management a difficult process for business owners. As your business size increases, so does your payroll administration. Our firm is experienced with both payroll preparation and implementation, and will help your business start and continue on the right track.

Whether you are an individual, or run a small to medium-sized business, investing in outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services can help your productivity to flourish and your profit margins to increase. We are focused on providing our customers with a convenient, comprehensive and valuable accounting experience. Let our experienced CPAs take care of your books for you, allowing you to focus on running your business and generating profits.

Our management advisory services include marketing, financial planning, and computer installation and use. If you are ready to improve your business's effectiveness and efficiency, we are ready to help.

The process of arranging and anticipating the disposal of your estate can be a bit overwhelming. Our experienced team can guide you through every part of the process, from developing your will, designating your beneficiaries, and establishing the powers of attorney. We are here for you during every portion of getting your financial affairs in order.

If you are subject to an audit from the IRS, it can be a long and arduous process. However, with our professional assistance, we will ensure the process passes smoothly as possible. Our team can ensure you are properly represented when dealing with the tax authorities.

Keeping well-organized, accurate financial records is an important part of running a successful business. Bookkeeping is the recording of all financial transactions done by a business or individual. Our team is well-rounded and organized, so your business can run smoothly and successfully.

Many businesses are responsible for sales taxes. Our sales tax services will help you prepare your sales tax returns in a timely and efficient manner.

No matter if you need assistance with business entity selection, bookkeeping, or estate planning, our team of accounting professionals can handle all our your accounting needs.

Stocks, cash, or bonds are all forms of profit sharing compensation, which can be immediate or deferred until retirement. If your business practices profit sharing, it is important to maintain accurate and detailed financial records in order to keep minimal tax liability.

With a range of retirement plans available, it can be difficult deciding which option best fits your needs. Each type, whether it is a 401(k) plan or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) have different guidelines and rules. This is why it is important to consult a professional tax accountant. We will help you plan for your retirement needs and give you a better understanding of your options.

While there are many benefits to committing money or capital to gain a financial return, it can also be a long a challenging process. There are many factors to creating a well-balanced investment portfolio, and a lot of considerations to make before making a decision. Luckily, our team of financial professionals can guide you through this complex process

Financial statements go hand in hand with other bookkeeping practices, since it is a formal record of financial activities for a person, business, or other entity.

There are many factors to consider before buying or selling a business. Our team will help you make an educated decision about your potential sale or purchase, and will review with your all of the facets of the buying or selling process. This helps ensure minimal financial liability.

A notary public is an appointed individual who serves the public as an impartial witness to the signing of important documents. Notaries deal with non-contentious matters usually concerned with powers-of-attorney, estates, deeds, and foreign and international business. Our firm provides virtually every type of notary service.

Financial statements play a dominant role in creating the framework of many managerial decisions. These documents are prepared for decision making purposes, as well as to meet external reporting requirements. Our team of accounting professionals will help your reduce your financial liability and interpret your financial data.

Implementing a pension plan rollover reinvests the lump-sum of your pension payout into an individual retirement account. This is usually done to defer taxes, as it creates an alternative to paying taxes on the lump-sum payout. We will gladly help you with this complex process.

Having an accounting representative to assist you during the real estate buying or selling process ensures the process goes smoothly. It can be a long process whether you are buying or selling property, and we are here for your every step of the way.

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